Introducing signal.FISH

Gentle Reader is rebranding

Dearest Reader,

We are rebranding. Gentle Reader will now be known as signal.FISH.

Your personal experience as a curious and dedicated consumer of the digital written word will not waver one bit. You can still sign in, discover, read and save great articles just as you always have done in the past.

As an innovative business intelligence tool, signal.FISH will offer artificial intelligence-powered search and analysis capabilities so that its clients can make better sense of the global news cycle. Providing real-time translation across over 100 languages as well as the ability to combine and track search terms over time, signal.FISH already counts a major international publisher, a UK government department and several intelligence agencies amongst its clients.

You can read the full press release here

If you are interested in learning more about what signal.FISH can do for companies, then just send an email to:

Either way, please keep enjoying the world’s writing on our platform!

All the best,

The signal.FISH team